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PETECUBE is a research project investigating the integration of touch with both sound and vision.

The focus is on musical instruments, as they provide an excellent platform for experimentation. The result is a range of musical instruments that explore different modalities of interaction.

24th April 2007 1st October 2006 15th - 23rd September 2006 23rd July 2006 5th June 2006 20th March 2006 21st February 2006 5th February 2006 15th December 2005 21st November 2005
The PETECUBE's are used in a live improv session at an 'open-jack' night arranged as part of the Sonorities festival. The creator of the PETECUBE has started a PhD in the Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queens University, Belfast... Do not worry though, this will not be the end of the PETECUBE, research will continue albeit at a slower pace. Go to http://petes-sonic-art-research.blogspot.com/ for current research. The PETECUBE project will be on display in the MA show "Assemble". Click on the image above for a flyer, or click here to visit the website. The PETECUBE project will be shown at the nu.art exhibition @ 3 Morley St. Brighton 12-6pm. Click on the picture above to visit the website... or click here to download the flyer. The PETECUBE project is presented in the poster & demo session at NIME-06. A research paper on the PETECUBE has been accepted for the New Interfaces for Music Expression conference. Two new cubes have been constructed. A second generation LDRcube and a pushbutton cube. New animated logo. Ten blank cubes have been made, ready to be modified. www.PETECUBE.com is launched.

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